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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
  Rant We have been told for some time that Donald Rumsfeld was incompetent. We have been told that he has made political decisions that have been devastating for the troops. Why won't anyone listen? Are we so enmeshed into the political party system that we are being so bombarded with duplicate information that the things that this White House administration does has made us shrug our shoulders in indifference because we don't feel we make a difference at all. From push polling to the battle cry from both sides that "We are right" to "You're not patriotic if you disagree" is getting tiresome. Why do you think the spin continues? I can only speak for myself but it makes my cranium swell, not knowing what is really going on, and that is part of the reason why Karl Rove is a genius. It's like gluttony. We eat too much and we forget what the taste of the food we devoured is, its more of matter of consumption instead of what we are actually consuming. I'm absolutely amazed that every time any indiscretions are brought up regarding our current leadership, it is immediately dismissed. Are we any safer now than we were five years ago, ten years ago? Yes, Clinton lost it on Fox, and I was glad to see it. Now Condi says he didn't have a plan. Maybe it wasn't the Bush Administration's plan, but it doesn't mean it wasn't a plan nonetheless. We respected Ed Murrow for his candor, but we don't want it now. Our country is more smitten with Paris Hilton getting drunk or Lindsey Lohan dating a guy who owns a restaurant called The Pink Taco. Corker and Ford are basically the same candidate in many ways. Candidates run on issues that stroke the heartstrings that, in the end, they will have very little say so about. And the army needs more money. Where is the money going to come from? We speak calmly about torturing people and no one blinks an eye. Doesn't matter. The GOP and the Democrats promise a big fight because they need to look like they have some cojones, but in the end, nothing really changes other than media coverage that is waiting for something else to boost ratings and newspaper sales. So, yeah, I'm irritated. Rant over. Illustration by Beth Cravens 
Good morning. Do you feel better now?
But I'll start posting pictures of aliens in a little while. You know, the ones on flying saucers or another picture of Bigfoot and it should elevate my mood.
Your rant is shared by many! Maybe that's why Clinton's showing of righteous indignation thrilled some of us. FINALLY someone is getting angry about the lies! Perhaps maybe this will fire up the Dems to 'go forth & do likewise..'
I liked Clinton in the past because he had a libido (unlike the frozen tundra of the GOP).. now I'm proud because he is an articulate voice for the people who are fed up w/ this admin.
'Go Billy, go!'
Well you said it! I agree 100%... I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm looking forward to the November elections! If Dems take back Congress (House or Senate), they need to immediately order an investigation into the administrations history of lies and deception. Impeach. Now.
I'm not a Bush lover nor an apologist, but IF the democrats somehow win everything, they'd be really wasting their time going after a lame duck President for things the probably don't have clear evidence of. Claiming a President lied to the people is nice on a blog, but it's not illegal. Lying is only "illegal" when you're under oath or similar legal standing.

The Dems SHOULD win some seats in Congress. They'd better. If they DON'T, it will be a bigger loss for them than just opportunity. As far as the Presidential election goes, the Dems have a LONG way to go to be hopeful there.

Honestly, as far as screaming for justice from the moral high ground, Bill Clinton doesn't really have a place on that hill. Bush's poor decisions and poor leadership doesn't erase anything that Clinton did. Their poor performance is mutually exclusive.
I love you. And your ranting.
To paraphrase Pogo - "we has met the enema and we're being forced to submit to it on an hourly basis."

and another favorite quote - no paraphrasing - from "Extreme Prejudice": The only way to tell if a politician is lying is if his lips are moving."
and another favorite quote - no paraphrasing - from "Extreme Prejudice": The only way to tell if a politician is lying is if his lips are moving."

That sentiment is EXACTLY why good people won't run for office, and we have to settle for whoever we get. No one but "criminals" wants to be associated with criminals because, regardless, everyone will think you're a criminal, too.
Love you dear, and so does me mum!
Why won't Cravens email me as I asked her to?
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