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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  The Little Things Schultz died. He was a good dog. His dad, Jimmy Dan, died on August 28th and I guess he wanted to be with him. Schultz was a miniature schnauzer. He's my dog, Kirby's, dad. Steph's mom kept saying over and over again. "I can't believe my damned dog died." She came home and he was lying still on the floor. It was raining that day, and she asked for help to bury him. She lost her husband, and then she loses one of her buddies. While we were staying with Steph's family while her dad was sick, I would pick up Schultz and let him sleep with me and Mabel. Mabel, who is usually not into anyone but her getting my attention, allowed it. Maybe she knew. Anyway, he was an odd little dog prone to being nervous and if you ever put a collar on him, he would freeze. He was a bit grouchy, sort of a dog curmudgeon, but he always sat in my lap and I hung out with him. I liked him. His dog wife, Sophie, has been grieving since he passed on. As this is sort of personal, I just wish that I could make the sad look on Steph's face go away. That will just take time, I guess. 
sorry to hear the sad news. the plain truth is that dogs are some of the best people on the planet. just look at how close and loyal they can be to their owners.

cheers to Schultz!
That is so sad.. I hope that Steph finds a new pup somewhere down the line. Unconditional love.. nothing like it.
Glad I got to meet him.
Little Kirby is the spitting image of her dad.
Well damn. :(
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