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Friday, September 29, 2006
  Left Wing Cracker Asks The Question Over at LeftWingCracker, we are asked the question of why we should vote for Harold Ford Jr. It is a valid argument that I have expressed my concerns here at The Coma before. One of the commenters named Desi Franklin brings up a point that had me thinking. Apparently Desi went through the same thing we did here. Ford was in Weakley County back last late winter pre-campaigning. I mean, he knew he was going to run, but it wasn't quite election time then. And the bumper sticker incident just proved he was trying to get support. His people put bumper stickers on the cars parked around the courthouse. Now, there is a guy who owns the local radio station who bought a crapload of bumperstickers who did the same thing several years ago when I worked there as his news director and he wanted us to put these sticky piles of messes on all cars. I refused. It just appears to be sort of pretentious and thug-like to me, not to mention that I felt like I would be vandalizing cars. I know some politicians do this, but for some reason, the staff of Ford taking this action really irritated me about. Do not put crap on my car. Especially when I didn't give you permission. Anyway, read the entire thread over there, which has legs and is a good read. 
The guy brings up some good points. Basically, Ford is pretty conservative, but he's black and a Democrat. Unlike almost any other candidate around, he can REALLY cover some bases just being who and what he is. He's a born and bred politician. He's like a made for television boy band: he's hand crafted and borderline perfect.

Of course, that's exactly what people generally DON'T want. They want someone "of" them to represent them. I don't think HFJ fits the bill at all.

I think politicians are a lot like preachers. I think we have too many doing it for the money and power, and not enough doing it to "save" people.
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