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Friday, September 15, 2006
  The Jackson Sun Reports Apparently, there was a bit of excitement yesterday in our neighboring county. Bradford is about five miles over the Weakley County line in Gibson County and roughly 18 miles from the town I live in, which is Dresden. The Jackson Sun reports this:
"Very devastating" is how Bradford Police Chief Ollie Bond described the amount of damage that could have been done by explosive materials found behind a building on Old U.S. 45 East Thursday morning. Bond said police were still searching for the owner of the material Thursday afternoon.

"It could have been very devastating, considering some of the things and materials that (the unknown suspects) had (left at the scene) and where they got it from, off the Internet, to produce the stuff,'' Bond said. ''They were pretty much in the midst of completing their objective."

Bond said he knows what the intended target was because the suspects left information behind. He declined to say what that information is.

"We appreciate them leaving their target," Bond said. "We appreciate their hard work (of leaving the information behind)."
Of course, if you remember, Bradford was devastated by tornados earlier this year so apparently they had to seek assistance from other agencies in the area . I haven't heard anything else about this, but I know our canine unit was dispatched. We will have to wait and see what all of this means. 
If they only retrieved a "briefcase and several bags of materials," and the chief said it would be "very devastating," then he's probably talking about TNT or plastique.
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