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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  It's 3 A.M. Okay, ever have one of those days that really sucked. Yeah, me too. Also, ever had to be at work at six a.m. more than thirty miles away. Yeah, me too. And the fear of not waking up when you are supposed to eats at you when you lie in the bed so you can't go back to sleep. Yes, you say. Umm, that's right now. I guess I'm awake and the alarm clock isn't working. And I have meetings this morning and late afternoon. I'm actually worried about some crap and that's what has me up thinking. That will pass. Is it too early for coffee? 
If it makes you feel any better I was up at 2:30 and could not go back to sleep. So don't feel like ya was up all alone.

Hope your day goes well.
Well, damn we all should've gotten together. I was awake from 2 until 6. Wonder what that was about?
That's the only time I exercise. I run on the treadmill until it's time to make coffe and try to put the crash off for 12 more hours.

Good luck!
Take it from a former college student. It is never too early or too late for java.
Don't worry. Though I do know the people you have to deal with, remember, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, especially when the people really do respect you even more than you can probably imagine.
no time is a bad time for the java, as far as i'm concerned..i've been getting a lot of that 'wake up at 3:00 AM for no apparent reason' crap as well.

Just lying there doesn't do anything other than raising my stress level..I usually just give up, get up and and go watch a movie on TV...if it is boring enough, i might get back to sleep just in time to get up again...sheesh
It's never too late for coffee.
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