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Thursday, September 07, 2006
  Farmer John John Farmer has more going on that Katie Couric picking out skirts for her new gig on CBS.
Today is also the day that I officially start my campaign for the Tennessee House of Representatives District 89 seat. I had considered doing a separate blog for that campaign, but that really did not make a lot of sense. Besides, the State of Tennessee shares the same concerns and issues in general as do the citizens of District 8. Now I know a lot of you are asking yourselves, “What on earth is he doing running for two offices?” And that is a perfectly good question requiring a perfectly good answer.
So what does this mean, and why is hanging out with Steve Cohen? These answers and more over at Farmer John's. (Blogger tools aren't working this a.m. so hit his link over in the sidebar. I'll do the techy stuff later on it.) UPDATE : Ed. note - Fixed with links. 
Looks like I'm doomed. One day I'm a right wing conservative, the next a lefty. I'm a neocon one day, and a paleocon the next. And now...I'm a MARXIST!

I seem to be having an identity crisis.
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