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Friday, September 01, 2006
  Easing Back Into Blogging This past month has been, in a word, one of the hardest I've had personally since my mother passed away. Bear with me as I reintroduce myself to blogging regularly. I've barely watched the news and the internet out in Harris is dial up and not blogger friendly. I mean, we are talking a hell of a month. Two funerals in two weeks is insane. My staff and I are whupped. Yesterday, everything sort of hit me and I'm so tired that I think I could sleep for a week, but, no. It's Tennessee Soybean Festival time. You ask, what is this bean thing you speak of. Martin has a Labor Day week of events that happens every year. If you live in a rural area you know that April and September are the times where festivals are put into place to give people something to do. That's not a knock, and it's actually quite quaint when you get right down to it. So next week, I was going to the bloggers bash, and I'm still going to try to, but the reality is that I may have to stay here to cover this celebration of our number one crop. It's alright. The politicians are coming to campaign as well. We have seen the likes of Corker and Bryson show up within the last week, and I believe Corker is coming back. GOP candidate David Hawkes is making an announcement to run against Mark Maddox on Tuesday. As small town festivals go, the Soybean Festival isn't a bad one. I think if I were a politician, I would head to Martin next Friday and shake some hands and kiss a bunch of babies myself. Music plays by B and C list acts into the wee hours of the night on the commons (The Spin Doctors and Diamond Rio are coming as is 38 Special which ironically has caused the most excitement although I can't for the life of me remember what songs they performed. Members of my staff are going to their events because if it ain't Lyle Lovett or Miles Davis(who isn't performing these days), I sort of don't dig the concerty thing.) On top of all of this, Rodent Queen and I are trying to deal with the aftermath of her father dying, which means we have to take it a day at a time. I'm a slob. I admit it, but I feel very unorganized right now. I usually have some idea of what's going on. On a side note, I was told my desire to get a Harley will not be supported by everyone who knows me. One of the riders from RQ's dad's funeral told me I could be an honorary member of the riders, but I need to stick to a Vespa. This is a guy who just got back from a ride that took him to Alaska. His dog, Cricket, rode in his motorcycle jacket the whole way. Crap, crap and crap. I really think I'd like a Harley. Maybe a three wheeler? 
I'd love to ride in your side-car when you get the Harley.

Glad you feel like easing back into the blog-world. It's a better place, thanks to you.
I'm so glad you're back!

But you know soybeans aren't really the number one crop, right?

Oh, you meant LEGAL crop...
Hey, you. So sorry for the recent heartache. You've been in my thoughts.
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