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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  Blogger is Just Swell I'm lying. Blogger has been a nightmare today. I had a resounding post about the future of Tennessee politics with a searing expose of wildly psychotic updates on the Corker/Ford race and its impact on our future but it was lost in a fiery nightmare of blogspot hell. Naah. I'm lying. Not about blogspot hell, but about the other. Go read Sean Braisted for today's latest 'cause I got nothing. I still can't get blogger to bend to my will. TypePad or WordPress, anyone? Sharon says she's been having issues as well. Anyone else? Oh, and Brittney, keep your chin up. We know its not you. Hell, we're going through the same thing. I mean, I froze up with a post about Screech being carnal. How whacked is that? My eyes are still bleeding and I learned something new that completely grossed me out, but you have to go to the post below, hit the link and figure out what I'm talking about. Wikipedia has a lot of information I don't need to know. 
Use the Microsoft Word Plugin for Blogger for long pieces. See Blogger Help for details.
I can no longer republish. It give me that percentage screen but keeps reloading with 0% complete.

This has been the worst day for blogger in a while... are they trying to run us off?
I think so, MM.
It's driving me nuts.
We could say it was some sort of sabotage by the government or something.
Naah. Who would believe that?
Dumped Blogger a while back. Just one problem after the next.

I went to B2Evolution and have been happy ever since.

Really, for a free program Blogger is ok. I pay for hosting anyway, might as well make use of the data base.
Don't know if it would help or not, but I type every post in Word and then cut and paste. Has saved me a lot of heartache.

You might be on to something. A vast right wing conspiracy in the Tn blog world! Let's look at this...Brittney, you,me guerillawomen, leaning to the left blogs are the ones affected. Hmmmmm.
My posts went up on their own during the night. I managed to save them as drafts, and at some point something kicked in and posted them. I am still having trouble with comments, though.
Are you able to post yet?
Blogger has been running fine here. And I like the MS-Word plugin, too.

NC, if you want your own site and URL, let me know. I've got some server space, and I've already written the software. I've got a client who's wanting his own blog, but he doesn't want the package deal "issues".

Just EMail me if you want to set it up.
I've had the same problem as Moderate Matt... it'll go to publish and it recycles 0% over and over. I just make a copy of it and try again later. That usually works.
Same problems here. I most always type my posts in Word and then copy/paste them over but I've still had the recycling problem doing that. Will have to try the MS Word plugin.
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