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Sunday, September 10, 2006
  Axis Turns There is a possiblity that the world just shook on it's axis. Sarcastro has a daddy blog called When's the Fun Part. Read his Fred Phelps update. Incidentally, Phelps is dead to me but you need to go read it to figure it all out. I'm done with the Phelps these last six weeks. If you read me, all four of you, with any frequency, you know why. Also check out Tim's endeavor over in Norway called a Tennessee Redneck in King Harald's Court. How cool is that? I'm on a blog roll extravaganza today. I probably just need to stop it. 
Are we a little hyper and blog-happy today? I've never found the interest or need for blogrolling myself. I generally just quickly add a blog link - if the need arises - via my quick template editor.

Although, I wouldn't mind those nifty little pulldown menus I see on some of the other Wordpress blogs . . . smug putzes.
All four readers?? ha! You're so modest!
I suspect you have four readers on at any given time and about 50 times that per day, if America has any taste, which i sometimes doubt, but I'm sure there are enough of us to recognize the true talent..(the talent that is N.Coma)..

Sure wish you could have been up for the bloggers-meet. It was great meeting Sista and Kleinheider, and a few other new faces. Having you there would have made it perfecto!
Isn't she? We must have cloned ourselves.
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