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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  Ahoy, Mateys So I'm supposed to talk like Johnny Depp today? Apparently my name today is

Smarmy Corliss Straw.

Aaarr. Mabel the dog's name is

Pirate Azriel the Infected

I like hers better. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. 
Thanks for letting me know it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, I had no idea and shall now pass it on.
Where do I go to find my pirate name?

As a former pirate (as in my high school mascot, not of the high seas) I must give a big "ARRRRR" to this holiday!
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I need to find out who has the keys to the gym so I can run one more lap.
what's the favorite letter of the alphabet fer ev'ry pirate lad and lass?

ye smarmy pirate wench!!

(or as George Clinton used to sing, "What's a pirate's favorite thing? Why, it's booty!!")
Now you guys know you can't have this thread without an ARRRRRR, Matey! from the skipper.

I feel so at home here all of a sudden. ;-]_~

I'm gonna call you "Corliss" for now on . . . heh, heh. :)
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