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Friday, September 22, 2006
  Actual Bigfoot News As you know for the five of you who read my blog, Bigfoot is my obsession although I must admit I've never gone on an expedition or even really thought about him (or her) that much unless I have my trusty copy of Weekly World News by my side. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the latest on our hairy, smelly friend.
There may be Sasquatches living in Western North Carolina, according to an expedition launched by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in Madison County. “There’s more than one of these things in Madison County,” President of BFRO Matt Moneymaker said. BFRO spent four days beginning Sept. 6 searching for Bigfoot in the Hot Springs area.
So, if you read the story, I guess you can see there are folks who think he/she is using the trails. But I was disheartened to see that Bigfoot has fallen out of favor in Taiwan.
Bigfoot out. Mummified goblins in.

A group of Malaysian myth investigators who claim to have a footprint mold of a giant, man-like "Bigfoot" creature said Friday they intend to sell it to raise funds for their next project _ determining if three ghoulish, mummified figures are real.

The group Seekers-Malaysia, which has a reality TV program in Malaysia, said money raised from the sale of the alleged sasquatch footprint would be used to research the "three mummified ghouls," and to purchase new paranormal equipment, said spokesman Adrin Emman.

The three supposed shriveled, skeletal-like creatures with razor-sharp teeth were provided for research purposes by their owner Bukhari Abdullah for two weeks. Pictures released by the group show one figure no larger than a human hand, while another appears to be the length of a human body.

Stories about Bigfoot captured headlines in Malaysia last year after three fish farm workers reported seeing giant human-like creatures in southern Johor state's Endau Rompin reserve. Seekers-Malaysia claims to have molded a Bigfoot footprint _ three times the size of a human head _ during an expedition to the area earlier this year.

Of course, Weekly World News still needs me. But I will keep up the good fight for goblins and yetis and possibly a trip to Taiwan would be good for me to fight for Bigfoot's honor. All we have here in northwest Tennessee is deer, possoms and an occasional bobcat. Image link  
You sure that's not just siteings of Good Ole Boys?
Could be, sandyegaye.
I asked earlier in the week if it was a hillbilly or bigfoot.
I think the verdict is still out.
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