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Friday, August 04, 2006
  Yep, That's Us I forgot to add that only 25 percent of Weakley Countians voted. So there you go. 
25%? Wow. That speaks volumes about how local people feel about local politics. I try to keep up with things, and I had to be reminded yesterday that it was election day. Sad.

And I'm not sure any candidate made a difference one way or the other.

It's funny. I hear lots of people say they're tired of the old politicians, but none of them can come up with a real reason why someone else would be any better.
Alright cobra....I'm rolling through the first of the week. Let me know where I can meet you. Why not drive up to Cadillac's for a game of pool?
I'm up near Milan, actually. We (wife and I) throw darts at this place behind the main Texaco station if you want to sling a round. They have the best BBQ bolo ANYWHERE.

There's another small place with great chow and a board out by our favorite mechanic.

Shoot me an email at my Yahoo account, and you're on. :)
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