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Saturday, August 19, 2006
  Well, It Was A Bit More Than We Thought Nope, it wasn't the beer. Apparently members of my staff and I have caught a virus. I couldn't move last night and was sick as Phil Bredesen at Centenniel Hospital. We heard that some of the folks at the office have this too. Great. So big apologies to Rodent Queen, who wasn't overserved (well maybe a little) at all, but we have a virus. Blech. Sorry if we infected anybody. We are so uncivilized. Ed. note : Just found out from my sister that apparently there were 40 kids out at Dresden Elemetary School on Friday with this damn thing. For those who asked, Mabel is fine. 
Boy, that tick sure does get around.

Hope everyone's feeling better soon.
We already do. Thanks for asking.
tickitus....strange goings on. Hope you guys feel better soon.
We are. Thanks for asking.
I figure I'm safe. No bug could survive that BAC.

Drink Gatorade.
We are.
No beer, dear Smiley:)
We had a great time.
Hey - i had that a couple of weeks ago and it was viscious. Hope you are in heavy recovery with plenty of liquids and all that.

It was a complete pleasure meeting you and te R. Queen at the mothership. Hope we can hook up again.
I'll be in town in around a month. I'll let you know. I had a great time.
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