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Sunday, August 20, 2006
  Trouble By Vedder One of my favorite movies is "Harold and Maude." One of the best parts for me was the music in the movie. Here is Eddie Vedder singing Trouble, in which Cat Stevens wrote and sang in the movie.  
I just watched this movie last week with TVontheFritz! I'm Maude and he's Harold! (Without the sexual stuff) In fact, before he leaves for New York in a week, we're going to go plant a tree and have a picnic in a contruction site!
And yes, and GREAT soundtrack.
ARGH--more typos above. Sorry. My typos are getting to be too regular. :(
very nice find
I have so many Harold and Maude memories for so many reasons... this was sweet!
I hate Eddie Vedder, but I sure do Love "Harold and Maude" and Cat Stevens. And you.
It's ok Tits, I heart eddie vedder - more of him for me :)
- nice video!
hope you get to feeling better soon!
Well, I like this song by Eddie Vedder, BUT I like the Cat version better but it is You Tube, Tits.

Sharon, If you and TV do this I will be so very impressed. That is too cool and tell TV I adore him.

Thanks Joe.

Editor, I have a lot of very fond Harold and Maude moments too.
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