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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
  Tonight There Will Be A Mighty Roar We have been in Harris Station for almost a week. The memorial service is tonight. I have found that Jimmy was loved by a lot of people. A friend of his who was on a nation-wide bike run that began in northwest Tennessee and took him ultimately to Sturgis and then Alaska, left his bike in California and flew home for tonight's services. He just showed up unexpectedly last night. He still has to go back and get his bike. That, my friends, is love when you leave your Harley to fly home for friends in need. I keep mentioning Jimmy's bike. He bought his first one when he was sixteen, and he has had a Harley ever since. At his service tonight, as he was cremated yesterday, his bike will be there to represent him. Because that's how its done, I have learned. For the past couple of years, the local guys have done Poker Runs and the like in honor of Steph's father. They have raised thousands of dollars for the local branch of the American Cancer Society. They have helped with medicine (which cost thousands of dollars for just one chemo shot.) This afternoon and tonight, they will ride for him one last time. They want him, and his wife, to hear the powerful roar of their bikes in honor of the man they loved. In the last three weeks, I have dealt with the Patriot Guard and then this weekend, I have seen the world that Jimmy lived in. And I think it's amazing. 
I haven't been by in a few days and was so saddened to come this morning and find that he had passed. I hope the wonderful memories you and your wife hold dear of him, like some of the ones you have shared with us here, will comfort you both for a long time to come. Will be keeping your family in thoughts and prayers.
It has been a mighty hard rain on you and your friends lately.
I think the roar you mention is a fine way to rage against the dying of the light.
Squirrel queen and you are special folks and I know he is smiling at the mess being made o'er him and he sure is deserving, no doubt.
I feel the love all the way over here and I am sending some back at you all. It's good to celebrate such a wonderful life when you see someone so good go into the light, even when they will be missed so much. You are a great friend.
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