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Saturday, August 05, 2006
  The Staggering Prophets I've done my first official post at The Staggering Prophets. CeeElCee, Go Vols, I mean Stanford. Umm, does Stanford even have a football team? heh. 
You've obviously not been paying attention every damn time they show the "play of the century" between Cal and the Stanford Band.

The turn of the millenium was tough on me...

Saw it most recently at a quarter video poker bar in Vegas as the #1 play in history on the "Best Damn Sports Show Ever." I was getting my ass kicked at poker, too.

I guess I'm going to be murderfied over at TSP.
My grandfather took me to my first Vols game when I was five.
Then, I went to the game in 75 when Conridge Holloway was injured and came back out onto the field and the crowd went nuts.
I was quite impressed by the mob mentality at that moment.
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