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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
  Scenes From An Election Ways to irritate a newspaper staff, lesson one. 1. Desperate phone call from local political party. 2. A particular candidate is going to be in town in less than an hour and we are told in breathless fashion with a large amount of adamant disregard to the fact that we have a thousand things going on that said candidate will be here soon. The kicker is that that same political party probably knew the candidate was swinging through here a few days back and the local political party forgot to call and needs us to fix their faux pas. 3. The statement goes "You have to come and take a picture of him." We really don't have to but that makes no different to local political heads who WANT A PHOTOGRAPHER right now. 4. Question comes from scoop reporter (not me, Mockingbird Girl) "Let me rearrange my schedule and what time will he be here?" although unless said candidate is juggling wombats, his picture probably isn't going to make front page or even inside due to lack of newspaper real estate." Consideration is given to that this senatorial candidate wants a picture of himself eating lunch (that's shocking and oh, so newsworthy CANDIDATE EATS FOOD AT LUNCH) that me and my staff can hardly quit yawning. 5. Schedule is rearranged in professional fitting fashion at breakneck speed to accomodate candidate. 6. After the newspaper is threatened with the gates of hell opening if we don't show up at this impromptu (yeah, right) event, Candidate doesn't show up. 7. His wife does which may have been the plan all along, but that little tidbit of information was not shared with us as we were rearranging our schedule. 8. Things were cancelled for this? So now the story has changed to CANDIDATE'S WIFE EATS FOOD AT LUNCH, which of course is not the most inspiring news headline either. 9. If you are a candidate for office, don't do this to small newspapers because if you have a schedule, we can make arrangements ahead of time. And you do have a schedule, to say you didn't would be ridiculous. Third of all, tell your local party affiliates to not panic when calling the newspaper and demand for someone to show up to see a candidate who doesn't even buy ads with us and doesn't show up anyway. Time is valuable. Not theirs, mine and Mockingbird Girl's 10. You have no idea how irritating it is when local political parties get all excited and don't tell us the whole story. In all honesty, it was them, not the candidate's issue, but I digress. Is the election over yet? Argh. Guess who the candidate is. Hell, I'll just tell you. It was Bryant. He was busy yesterday and I think they knew ahead of time what was going on. The End. Happy Damned Election Eve. 
I may be at the Subway on Murfreesboro Rd. sometime between 11:30 and 1:30 today. Can you send someone up from Weakley County to take my picture?

I'm really excited about the new bourbon and chicken sandwich. I figure that'll take the edge right off of the afternoon.

What? It's a bourbon chicken sandwich? Not bourbon and chicken? What the hell is a bourbon chicken?

Never mind. I hope you didn't already dispatch that photographer.
Let me guess who you won't be voting for? ;o)

'Entitled' candidates make me ill.
In a way I almost felt like a traitor.
There I was, in the middle of the room sitting at a very large table and surrounded by Republicans and I noticed at least five of my Democratic friends come in the restaurant and give me these cold stares.
A bit uncomfortable to say the least.
He was busy yesterday, give the man a break. He snubbed us to, but at least you gave a "will be there" and simply did not show. Us he just said "go to h***".

Go figure.
"doesn't even buy ads with us . . ."

Yeah, I have a local newspaper that bases its responsibility to inform the public on that prerequisite also.
Sounds like your beef is with the local political party and not with the candidate. Did Ed's campaign try to get you to come out, or was it the locals?
Two of the three folks over yonder from you at the P-I who share my last name (well, two do, the other one's an aunt now going by her married name) would likely agree with your entire post, I 'spect...
I've been meaning to ask, waz up with the Cohen button on your sidebar?
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