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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
  Lieberman Becomes Conservative Darling Joe Lieberman lost. It wasn't an overwhelming defeat by Ned Lamont, but Joe lost anyway. Lieberman has been in the Senate for 18 years. I'm thinking he likes it up there, because when he conceded tonight, he didn't back Lamont, as expected. He's starting round number two, and says he will be on the ballot in November as an Independent. Conservatives are already flocking behind him. Left Wing Cracker is just plain disgusted by Lieberman. Sharon Cobb wants you to know, Yes, it is about the war and I agree with her that is one thing that has been critical in the race between Lamont and Lieberman. Jackson Miller mentions the downed $15 dollar website of Lieberman who made it a campaign issue yesterday. And A.C. was blogging late last night with his perspective. My thoughts are that politics are changing. Lieberman has used his hall pass in the Senate, and Conneticut Dems are wanting a change. Now, if Lamont has lost the primary and said he was going to run in November as an Indie, what would Joe Lieberman say? He was too liberal for conservatives back when he was Al Gore's running mate, and now he's the conservative darling. I go back to if you run in a primary, you play the rules of primary. This is just my belief system. Certain people disagree with me, but the thing I see about Lieberman is this: The very things he had won three Senate races on are now less important. That the constituents who backed him on those elections are now less important. He wants to keep on being Senator, dadgummit and so the election becomes more about him than it does about the issues. It's all about power. And he wants to retain his crown in the Senate, no matter what the cost to the very party who put him there in the first place. The political infrastructure of this very nation is changing, and its happening right before our eyes. 
I am sorry to say that very little has changed at all. It has just become more apparent and we have become more aware of what has existed for some time now.

If there has been any change, it is the fact that our once beloved democratic part has become weak-kneed and corrupted as much as the republicans.
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