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Thursday, August 17, 2006
  Just My Observations They found the killer of Jon Benet Ramsey. He admits "accidentally" killing her. But he did more than the crimes he is charged with. John Mark Karr let the Ramsey family go through hell. They were accused of the crime. They had to bury their child. Killing Ramsey is horrible. At least before this child's mother died she was told they had a lead and probably knew who did it by the police. Jeez. 
The guy saying he was "in love" with her is really, really disturbing and that he was a 2nd grade teacher AND father of three.
Why am I still bothered that Bonet's dad hired a lawyer before the cops even got there?
But truly, I am glad that they caught this guy.. hopefully he's not a nutcase that will confess to killing everyone including JFK.
Interesting twist. From news reports, it always sort of seemed that the parents did it. If this guy is for real, at least the family name will be (somewhat) restored.
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