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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
  Joe Scarborough Doesn't Think Bush Effective Leader Is Joe Scarborough running for office again? Seriously. Or is he just done with Georgie? Yesterday, he runs a story asking if George Bush is an idiot and today he posts this at The Huffington Post

Friends and foes alike agree that George W. Bush is one political figure who gets worse with age. Look back at his performance as Texas governor and you will see a funny, self-assured public figure who inspires confidence. But these days, the mere opening of Mr. Bush’s mouth makes many GOP loyalists shake in their tasseled loafers.

So does it matter in the end whether our president is articulate and intelligent? You bet your life, it does

But when America is fighting a global war on terror where the battle is for hearts and minds instead of beachheads and landing strips, we need a leader who can explain to friend and foe alike why America is in Iraq, why we keep sending arms to Israel and why liberal democracy really is preferable to Islamic fascism.

Right now, George W. Bush is not that leader.

Aunt B., you don't have to wash your eyes out with bleach. I just keep going, what the hell. But you know, I remember last year right after Hurricane Katrina that he expressed quite a bit dismay with the current White House Administration. Everyone did but I remember being surprised by his response (and Shep Smith of Faux News being testy with Sean Hannity, but he's back to his old self now so I guess it didn't stick.) Everytime I think that the times are changing, I'm sadly disappointed. 
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