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Sunday, August 27, 2006
  It Has Happened ... Steph's father passed away at 1:30 a.m. this morning. Hospice was wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough. He fell into a coma about 10:30 p.m. last night and died about three hours later. It's been hectic. We waited for Hospice to come and then a deputy had to also come and do some paperwork. At about 6 a.m. this morning, people started coming. It's been quite lovely and I've heard more stories about him than I could have ever imagined. Like the time in 1956 when he gave himself a mohawk and rode naked through the bottoms of the Obion County River (before his dad caught him.) His pet piranha. His pet tarantula. When Steph's beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier died, he held her for hours before he buried her. Buying a motorcycle in 1957 and hiding it in a ditch for months without anyone knowing about it. How he like to scare his daughters when they were camping (and scaring the bejeezus out of the boys because he knew they would eventually show up.) They are at the river now, as I sit here alone, toasting to the man they loved. Who lived and died on his own terms. I called my own father, and I really wish he would come out here and give me a hug. He was kind, and sweet and generous. He is meeting me on Tuesday because he knows that I have to support the people with the loss, but I need some comfort and he is coming to give it. As for Steph's dad, we loved him. He was a good guy. He will be missed. 
I am so sorry for y'alls loss. My prayers are with you guys.
Although I never met him, I've cried at your (and Steph's) memories of him. My thoughts are with you. Kathy
Sorry for your loss. We wish you all the best.

I'm glad he's no longer suffering, but, so sorry for Steph and everyone for the loss.

Hang in there....keep us posted with arrangements and stuff.
Tell the queen I send my best to her and her family. Words just don't measure up at times like this, so maybe give her one extra hug from me.
My thoughts are with you and yours.
Let me know if I can do anything to help.
What wonderful stories & tributes for this memorable man.
God be w/ you all during this time of grief..
Such times are never simple or easy. You noted he had lived and died on his own terms, and that is worth so very, very much.
No words I know can help, but I hope for much courage and consolation in coming days.
Peace to you all.
Peace to you and Steph. I agree with what Joe said in the above and dying on your own terms is worth so much.

Even with that, it is so hard for the survivors. Take care and know that you have a lot of folks in these parts who care a lot.
I'm so sorry. Take care.
I'm so sorry. Take care.
I'm sorry to hear of the loss. But your post really honors him and I thank you for sharing the good memories of a great man.

My prayers are with you guys...
I am so sorry and my thoughts and prayers remain with all of you.
Our prayers are with you.

He sounds like a man I would have really liked.
Like everyone else, I truly sympathize with your loss...and Steph's.

Nice tribute post, too.
Loving friends and family are the best legacy anyone could wish for. I just like to think his poem was finished.

You're both in our thoughts!

What a wonderful tribute,, he truly did live a life didn't he? and he has more work to do, on the other side, no doubt.
Lots of thoughts your way sistha!
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