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Sunday, August 13, 2006
  Human Kindness Does Exist Sgt. Dustin Laird was laid to rest yesterday. All in all, the system worked. Law enforcement and the addition of the Patriot Guard was amazing. Yes, Westboro was there (the Patriot Guard call them UG'S which stands for uninvited guests). Due to the volume of not only wellwishers, but 224 bikes and 10 accompanying cars from the Patriot Guard, I don't think I've ever been so impressed with the human spirit. Flags lined the small roads of the procession. A Bagpipe player, a man who had lost his leg although I don't know where or when, was wearing a kilt and played "Going Home" as the hearst entered the cemetary. I can't guarantee that the family didn't see the Westboro people, but I saw them. It was terrible. I hope, within my heart, they didn't see them. Young people, probably in their late teens and early twenties, held terrible signs but were so far away from the entrance of Westview High School they made little impact. The police chief in Martin was awesome. He even measured the distance from the southern farthest part of the school so they were positioned so far away from the entrance which was on the north side and didn't face the park. Many Martinites thought they were protesting the war. When I explained they weren't protesting the war, they were protesting homosexuals, he was shocked. The look on his face was sad. He kept saying "Why?" I had no answer for him. Local people I usually see in suits joined the Patriot Guard. Everyone's main objective was to allow the Lairds to bury their son. As a media person, we were not there in the capacity of reporters, although we did that job. We were there to celebrate Dustin Laird, and to mourn the loss the family has had to endure. Veterans were there. People talked about Dustin with reverance. And Westboro Baptist Church did not win although there was little doubt they would. Because as human beings, we have to take care of each other. And when 10 protesters were met with hundreds of people who virtually ignored them, then it gives me resounding hope for mankind. 
I am so glad that things worked out as they did..
God bless everyone who helped the Lairds get some closure in a peaceful way.

And may that family continue to heal.
Thanks for the reporting.
BB Gun snipers. I think that may be the solution to those Bible-thumping jackasses.

Lots and Lots of BB Gun Snipers.
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