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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
  Fried And Battered For my tens of readers, I'm fried so it's link dump Tuesday. Lieberman had his campaign site hacked. Ned Lamont responds. Cynthia McKinney is getting her butt whupped by Hank Johnson. Condi and Bush not getting along according to Insight Magazine. And Dennis Miller has joined Fox News. I know you are surprised *snark*. I wasn't. And the ABA wants to play hardball. Not the basketball ABA, but the American Bar Association
Dennis Miller is a tired old whore.

Sorry you're not feeling your best, dear. Shall I come over with some gin & tonics and rub your feet?
Please do.
I'm instantly no longer fried.
Echo to what Tits said. About Miller. I'm cautious about foot rubs ever since I saw Pulp Fiction.
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