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Friday, August 18, 2006
  Friday Football It's week zero for Tennessee high school football, and if there is one thing I have learned after moving back to the small town of my youth is that the lights that blaze bright on Fridays is important. And being that I like football a great deal, this is alright with me. Most of these kids will not go on to a top school to play college ball. These Friday nights are the tales these young men will tell as they grow older. The time they sacked the quarterback, or they caught an interception and ran it 20 yards down the field which set up a last minute field goal. These, for these kids, are the glory days. On the northwest side of the state, weekends are filled with football. High School ball on Fridays, then orange, or at least where I live, fills the skies. My grandfather was scouted by UT. My uncle was also talking to scouts when he blew his knee in '66. And UT has seen three Westview grads over the past decade. Chad Clifton, Will Ofenheusle and now Justin Harrell, who wears the same number that Reggie White did. It's serious business. And I really dig football so this is my time of the year. 
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