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Monday, August 14, 2006
  Cracked Returns When I was a kid, when we only had four channels on television and reading was encouraged by my mother, I would get her to buy me Cracked magazine from the Walgreens store in Jackson. She also bought me Rolling Stone, but alas, those were the seventies. It's been gone a couple of years, but it's coming back. Lest we forget, I like MAD Magazine better.
NEW YORK (AP) -- The story of how the crass comics magazine Cracked was brought back to life begins, of all places, at a white-shoe law firm in New York.

A pudgy young lawyer named Monty Sarhan had been giving life to the dreams of Internet entrepreneurs by helping them with finance deals when he caught the entrepreneurial bug himself. He decided to leave the legal profession and "go for the brass ring" by acquiring a media company.

snip That potential will be revealed when the new Cracked hits newsstands on Tuesday after a two-year hiatus. It had a press run of 100,000 and has a cover price of $3.99. True to its heritage as a lampooner of pop culture, its debut cover features a doctored photo of Tom Cruise's head pasted onto the body of Steve Carell and asks if he is "The 44-Year-Old Virgin?"
Alrighty. Cracked is back. In all honesty, I remember very little about it, but I do remember it was part of the childhood. 
Holy crap. Haven't thought of Cracked in years. My Aunt Pat bought me my first copy at the gift shop of the hospital my grandmother was rushed to after she had a stroke.

Mostly to shut me up, probably.
Yeah. Most things I got like this as a child were to put a muzzle on me.
I learned this and received a lot of useful stuff once I learned how to channel it.
Mad Magazine was a child's entry level into biting sarcasm.. I loved it!
I too loved Mad and Cracked as a young feller. I re-read some of them a few years ago and found that I missed much of the humor as a kid so they were even better as an adult. Hey the Bible is like that too for me!
I have never heard of Mad Magazine and the Bible being favorably compared, but hey, it works.

"What, me repent?"
It wasn't just the sarcasm - it was the artwork, too for both Mad and Cracked that made them educational -- yes that's the word i used.

I lean heavily into Mad's direction, though, because of publisher William Gaines relentless defense of freedom of the press as he faced lunatic investigations from Congress in the 50s.

And some movies (which you know I love) I learned about first thru Mad.

But I did like Cracked -- and could we even have The Daily Show or Colbert without Mad and Cracked??
I bet if you searched for the cross section of us snarky bloggers, the Venn diagram or Mad, Cracked and Crazy magazine readers would be a big space.

They made me sarcastic before I even knew what I was talking about.

National Lampoon made me cleverly obsecene. And it had the occasional exposed boob in it.
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