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Friday, August 18, 2006
  Confession Or Not, This Is Weird For all of five of you who come to my blog, you know my love of weird ass news like Bigfoot, alien abductions, huge vegetables and anything bizarre. I also love me some Coast to Coast. So lookie at what they have.
Psychic Dorothy Allison believed she knew what JonBenet's killer looked like and provided a sketch to the Ramsey family, based on her visions.The Ramsey family Web site published the sketch, asking the public, "Have you seen this man? This man may have been in the Boulder area in December 1996."The sketch was also given to Boulder police, who continued to insist that nobody outside the family was likely involved in the crime. A comparison of the sketch side-by-side with that of a picture of suspect John Karr appears to show remarkable resemblance.Allison originally came up with the sketch during a 1998 appearance on the nationally syndicated Leeza Gibbons Show. Allison died a year later.
The original story is here. Now, I don't know if this guy killed Jon Benet Ramsey. I don't know if he is a killer wannabe. I thought the other photo sorta looked like Karr but he also resembles Adolph Hitler a bit. I do know I don't want the man around my second-grader. But, yesterday a judge ruled wiretapping was illegal. Bush has been fighting it all day, and this ten year-old story is dominating the news. If we are talking about murder cases, shouldn't we be talking about this one. 
Okay, I had to work last night and I heard about this too. But when a blogger starts doing posts on Coast-to-Coast stuff (whoops, I did that too), then they have been listening in WAY TOO MUCH.

What did you think about the guy last night who predicted that soon the North Korea's would test a nuke and then use one. Then today on the news..guess what? The looney tunes are getting ready to test a nuke!

Can't wait for tonights installment ;)
Coast to Coast is more fun than drunk monkeys on a cruise ship.

I think the TV talking heads know more Americans care about the nasty nature of the JonBenet story than a story about their president breaking the law. Since Nixon, they seem to just expect it and shrug away his crimes. (hello nsa data miner!)
Coast to Coast?! No! Say it isn't true, NC! :D - Ok, I admit it, I do listen to it occasionally, for amusement purposes, the same way I listen to Rush Limbaugh when I want to hear what the R.R's (radical repubs) are up to.
Coast to Coast is extremely amusing. My favorite though is Ghost to Ghost. Now that's just damned creepy.
I wonder if Allsion the psychic knew she'd die a year after sketching the killer?
Probably not.
Or maybe. Another investigation for Coast to Coast.
A) nice big distraction from the illegal wire tapping case (yup, judges says it's illegal)

B) these inconsistencies are popping up all over them internet tube thingys:

Karr said he gave Jon-Benet drugs; no drugs were found in her system.

Karr says he raped Jon-Benet, but test conducted at the time showed no semen on her body.
Karr's ex-wife says he was in Alabama with her every Christmas.
Karr says he picked Jon-Benet up from school, but school was closed for the Christmas holiday

There is no evidence that Karr even knew the Ramseys, or that he was ever in Colorado
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