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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  Blue-Collar Republicans I fell pretty crappy. I think this virusy thing as turned into a lovely infection of some sort. In my delrium, I can't remember who is president, what a war is and my dog's first name. I do know that I was right about one thing though. The blue-collar republican thing I talked about last week. Well, here's the website campers called Blue-Collar Republicans. These guys are running with it. Oh yeah, look and see who the webmaster is. Could it be someone I met with not too long ago. I told you. Watching 
Hope you get well soon, but the side effects of your delirium make me want to be infected.
Really! If anyone sees that nasty tick crawling around...send him east.

Seriously, get well soon.

Oddly, I only seem to get sick when I go to Nashville. It never fails. I don't know if it's the hotels or what...but I always come home ill (and, no, it's not a hangover).

I'm coming back in November. Maybe I should start eating those vitamins now.
Thanks for the site plug. Please get a tick collar or something and get better.

Just an FYI, BCR is a blog for some hard core activists with a wide range of interests. It should get rather interesting after they get used to posting.

The opinions expressed may or may not reflect the views of the webmaster :)
Oh John.
You make me laugh all the time.
And I find that may people are bringing up your name and philosophy.
What are we to do with you?
"many" to replace "may"
It's the editor in me fixing my own typos.
Are you contagious? Any virus that can help me forget who the president is sounds good to me.
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