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Saturday, August 05, 2006
  100 Things That Have Absolutely No Value and That Aren't Even 100 For my own amusement, after months of blogging, I've been working on the 100 things about me. If you are absolutely bored out of your head, head on over to the Retro Diva to see it. Your eyes might bleed. Maybe not. It's self-indulgent, I know. It's not finished. 
Is it just me or is there only 45 to 100 on the list?
Well that was fun! Of course I read the less than 100 things about you and I'm looking forward to the remaining 30-40.
Nope, it's unfinished, Editor. I started at 100 and went backwards.
Thanks KT.
Too cool! I love pickled okra as well.. go figure.

You are the same age as my oldest son.. can I adopt you? ;o)
Yes you can, sandegaye.
Get ready to skydive this year!!! We're all going for my BIG birthday.
Hey Bad Ad!!!!!!!
I love 100 Things. I think there should be a blog law somewheres that says every blogger must do theirs.

Jim Varney!??!?! I think that is most cool. Ernest or no...he was pretty talented.

I think more elaboration is needed on the dinner with the Muzik Mafia. wasn't Big and Rich was it?
I didn't know at the time, Sista.
But the Dom was nice.
VERY nice.
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