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Saturday, July 22, 2006
  Winkie The Elephant The big surprise for me was there is an elephant sanctuary here:
An elephant with a reputation for being dangerous killed a handler and injured a trainer Friday at The Elephant Sanctuary in southern Tennessee, authorities said.

Winkie, a female Asian elephant, stepped on or kicked a woman handler who was killed "on the spot," said Doug Markham, a spokesman for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. A male trainer was injured when he tried to intervene.


Opened in 1995, the nonprofit refuge on 2,700 acres about 60 miles southwest of Nashville specializes in Asian elephants. The sanctuary provides a haven for old, sick or needy elephants in a setting of pastures, forests, spring-fed ponds and a heated barn for cold winter nights, its Web site says. It also tries to educate the public about elephants.

Many of the sanctuary's elephants came from performance backgrounds. Once they arrive, they no longer are exhibited but can be seen via webcam on the sanctuary's Web site

Who Knew. I sure didn't, but if you will remember, I was shocked that northwest Tennessee had a rogue bear.

I actually knew about this one. There USED to be a small rescue facility / refuge for moderate to large cats in Dresden back in the 90's. They specialized in mountain lions from what I remember.

It's a shame about the handler, but I'm glad some people are willing to do that kind of work.
I am as well. I think people forget that elephants are wild animals which are big as bus.
In other, historic elephant news, did you know that the good folks of Erwin Tennessee once hanged an elephant?

Elephant hanging
If I understand correctly the facility in Hohenwald is the
only one in the U.S.

And as for the elephant execution in Erwin, it made the
front page of the NYTimes back in the day.

And having seen the backstage area at a few circus groups,
the treatment of those animals is horrific.
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