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Sunday, July 23, 2006
  US Oil Companies Out as Relationship Between Moscow and Washington Deteriotes? Here's something to watch:
President Vladimir Putin is set to keep US oil companies out of a lucrative gas field in the latest sign of the deteriorating relationship between Moscow and Washington.

The Russian leader is expected to favour Norwegian companies and reject bids by America's Chevron and ConocoPhillips after failing to secure backing from the United States for his country's attempt to join the World Trade Organisation.

I can't help but think that all of these small stories coming in have huge long-term significance. 
Putin might be expected to favor our oil, but he's limited on how much Russia may buy from us. He'll be s.o.l. if he thinks of making a deal and a nod in this direction.
America is creeping towards alternatives. While I REALLY doubt that there is going to be an alternative to oil any time soon (we use too much of it to replace quickly), we ARE leaning that way. Plus America is a booger to deal with (EPA and such). CHINA, on the other hand, is easy. They'll take anything and pay cash for it.

All the high-sulphur coal in America that can't be burned because it hurts the air . . . care to guess who's buying all of that up by the millions of tons? China. And they're burning it over there. Same air gets polluted . . . It's like our own little senseless version of the Kyoto Accord.
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