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Sunday, July 30, 2006
  Rove Blames It On The Journalists Of course, Karl Rove blames it on the journalists.
Presidential adviser Karl Rove said Saturday that journalists often criticize political professionals because they want to draw attention away from the "corrosive role" their own coverage plays in politics and government. snip

But Rove turned that criticism on journalists.

"It's odd to me that most of these critics are journalists and columnists," he said. "Perhaps they don't like sharing the field of play. Perhaps they want to draw attention away from the corrosive role their coverage has played focusing attention on process and not substance."

Rove told about 100 graduates trained to be political operatives that they should respect the instincts of the American voter.


Rove and I agree that EVERYONE, including political spin guys should respect the instincts of the American Voters.

Where I disagree, and I do, is that not everyone critical of the government right now is a journalist. The blogosphere is filled with people who are not journalists expressing their opinions, pro and negative, toward the leadership of this country. And does his assessment of grouping everyone together include Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Robert Novak, Judith Miller, or Michelle Malkins who are on television and the radio constantly.

Oh, yeah, their pundits. I forgot.

Guess that means the effect of government and advisers like Rove is far, far worse than "corrosive."

What a goob.
If I was Rove I would be looking for someone to blame too. Thank God I ain't him.

I like the new header by the way.
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