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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  Rodent Queen Tells The Truth And you know it's true.
What a total disrespect for her. Yes, they may be friends (they did share a roast pig lately), but in a room full of powerful men, did his act undermine her authority in the eyes of others on hand? For me there is a great issue here. Would he give a neck rub to buddy Tony Blair or Putin or any other world leader in a crowded room. Doubtful. To me this shows his disregard for public decorum. It was a mysoginist act. At least he didn't ask her to bring her muffin recipe to the next meeting. Wait, let me rephrase that, "hopefully" he didn't ask for her muffin recipe. As a woman who works in a male-dominated field, I certainly see how W's actions could have future ramifications. In front of leaders of nation's where women are already subjugated and dismissed, such an act could rip apart what credibility Merkel has worked hard to build. It is acts such as these that make me wonder anew at his social ineptitude.
You're totally right!
Instead of acting like the frat boy he is.. he should be sued for assault.
Coma: This is so something that my husband would do, and I think you and Rodent Queen would agree. In fact, he probably has done this very same thing to one or both of you on occasion. Does this make him a misogynist? Do you believe that he has assaulted you? Or in the least disrespected you and/or undermined your authority?

Talk about trifling AND double standards! It was okay for Bill Clinton to get a blow-job from an intern behind closed doors in the Oval Office, and he was a stand-up guy, one who progressives respect and adore, but Bush OPENLY gives a friendly shoulder massage to a co-worker (yes, it's the same thing) and all of a sudden he should be charged with assault. Do you not see the irony in this? And you want people to take the progressive party seriously?

Out of curiousity, I asked my dear hubby what his take was on all this and he replied: "To me, physical touch is a sign of friendship and acceptance. I don't touch anyone like that unless I trust them and want to convey that. Honestly, if I were a world leader, and a powerful allied leader put their arm around me or something like that, I'd be both honored and reassured".

Not that what he thinks matters since he's probably a misogynist. (Note sarcasm)
Sued for assault? LOL! First, you're not sued for assault. You're CHARGED with it. You CAN file charges, though.

However, be careful with your lawyer. By YOUR standards, your lawyer could charge YOU with assault if you shake hands with him. And try not to bump into anyone, either.

Yeah, a simple friendly gesture is assault, but getting a hummer from one of your underlings and cramming a cigar in her on taxpayer time and expense is "progressive". LOL!

It's amazing some people can type that stuff with a straight face.
Methinks a lot of the people who were so judgmental at BC for the ML scandal are now wishing he was back! Don't blame me! I voted for Al G. and John K.
It was inappropriate, damnit. No way around it.
Did Tony Blair get a neck rub? Hell No, I'm guessing he got a handshake from Dumbya. Why, George giving Tony a neck rub might come across as gay and we all know W doesn't play like that. Why, if any of those other
European fellers thought he was queer it might undermine his authority. We wouldn't want that, now would we.
But hey, Merkel's a woman, she won't mind a big ol neck rub from Dumbya. Wait. Of course she did. If you watch the video you can see just how uncomfortable the woman is the entire time he's touching her. That's because she's got half a brain and knows that his action is inappropriate for that setting.
I'm guessing, she didn't turn around to him and say "Damn W, that felt mighty fine. How about a foot massage while we go over old business on the agenda?"
If she liked it or was comfortable with it, don't you think she would have rise from her chair immediately, turned and hugged him or given him a big fat kiss on the cheek. Even if she wanted to, she knows that's not the proper setting for such an action.

As for your husband Barbie, yeah, I've had hugs from him, but we meet each other with open arms when we do it. It's on even footing.

As for Bill and Monica. Two consenting adults. Was he an ass for cheating on his wife? Yes.
Was she stupid for consenting? yes
Was he less of a world leader? No

As for lawyers, I bet just about everyone would tell you that a hand shake is peachy keen in any setting and with any gender. Shoulder massages, not so much.
I don't know about that. The two attorneys I work for do the shoulder massage thing pretty often. In fact, I've been the recipient of quite a few of
those shoulder massages myself. I take this as a friendly hang-in-there sort of attempted stress reliever. It just depends on the relationship between the people involved. Bush may feel that he's developed a friendship with Merkel. None of us here are privy to that knowledge and everything posted here is based on the assumption of the poster. Automatically you've assumed the worst. Is that the progressive way? Guilty until proven innocent? Tony Blair probably got a hearty pat on the back I would imagine, but that's typical men's behavior with men. These people are still human and will do human things. Regardless, I don't belive that his actions, even if I were to concede that possibility that they were inappropriate in the setting which I am not, were intended to be demeaning or were misogynistic. It's still my opinion that way too much is being made of what amounts to simply an attempt at a friendly gesture. Regardless of their world position Bush and Merkel are still people, and people will, and should, behave like people.
I will say this, as a conservative-leaning Libertarian, if the Liberal/Progressive party wants me to consider a transition then they better start putting up some positions on REAL issues and stop finger pointing at things like shoulder rubs and table manners. These things are non-issues and that kind of middle-school behavior causes a lot of people to completely disregard the messenger, who could have valid points but shrouded them in rhetoric. The finger-pointing might make for some good immature gossip type mudslinging, but it's not going to win votes. Show me what the progressive party can do aside from whine about Dubya.
SoS . . . fair enough on the hug thing. That's equal footing . . . or handing . . . or, heh, you know! :) Honestly, I think we all agree that no power trips were involved. HOWEVER, I'd do the same thing Bush did to either one of you guys if you looked like you were having a bad day. I figure you'd do the same. It probably wouldn't occur to me.

As for this, I don't KNOW what's on her mind. Really, no one but her knows. For all any of us know, she didn't even recognize the gesture or she could have appreciated it. Honestly, how many times has he done this to her or someone else? How many times has SHE made a friendly gesture? Exactly WHAT is the nature of their relationship? Anyone know? Probably not, but people are SO READY to jump at anything to make Bush out to be something he's probably not. Hey, I'm not his biggest fan, but I don't consider this some kind of indictment on a President or a "high crime or misdemeanor".

MORE IMPORTANTLY, what was on Bush's mind? Don't know that, either, BUT what if he did this out of support or just being a human being? Does that make him bad? Only if you don't WANT him to be! Face it. Had this been Bill Clinton rubbing her shoulders, the New York Times would have printed a 7 page story about the sensitive leader of America. Of course, it would have been somewhat unusual for Clinton to grab a woman's shoulders . . . well, with her face pointed away from him, at least! LOL! And, of course, this one didn't work for him . . .

I WILL say this, though. IF this makes him a bad world leader, then I want some SERIOUS investigations into drinking, smoking, television habbits, and other personal information about EVERYONE'S world leaders. We need some kind of rating system, you know? Does this person like to touch other people? Do they drink MORE than one drink per day? Do they smoke? You know . . . the IMPORTANT things about being a world leader.

Fidelity to your marriage or having sex with a subordinate, feh, that doesn't even compare to a . . . dare I say . . . public SHOULDER RUB. The shame. LOL!

I'm with Barbie, though (yeah, big surprise). Instead of watching videos trying to catch Bush being friendly or using the wrong salad fork, the opposition REALLY NEEDS TO DEVELOP A CANDIDATE!!!! Liberals aren't even an opposition, anymore. They're just getting annoying and silly.

Okay, let's just ASSUME that all the Republicans are crap and conservatives are the devil. Who do the Dems have? Gore . . . *sigh* . . . BRING BACK KERRY! You've got to be kidding me! Hillary? I don't think she even WANTS the job. She really hasn't done anything, yet, has she? That leaves . . . who? Who do the Dems bring to the table who is even mildly plausable?

They don't have much of anyone right now, and if they don't get SOMEONE we can believe in, the Republicans are going to walk in to another 4 years of MORE GRIPING AND COMPLAING from the left . . . but they'll do it as the party in power . . . again.
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