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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
  Reed Concedes Ralph Reed conceded tonight in his bid for Lt. Gov. I believe that worship is not a bad thing and its a person's choice on how to do it for themselves. I'm a Presbyterian by birth. We tend to be a bit more liberal, but I'm not going to give anyone grief for being Baptist, Catholic, Muslim, Agnostic or if you don't believe at all. Do your own thing. It's not my job to judge you. But I do have a bit of an issue when people talk the talk and don't walk the walk. I think Reed is all about this. He's a politician first.

Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, unable to overcome his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, conceded defeat Tuesday in Georgia's Republican race for lieutenant governor.

It was a stunning turnaround for Reed, who was making his first bid for elective office after working for years as a behind-the-scenes campaign strategist and leading the Christian Coalition and the state Republican Party. He vied with state Sen. Casey Cagle for the GOP nomination in a primary race that appeared closer than expected in recent months because of Reed's work with Abramoff, who pleaded guilty to fraud and corruption earlier this year.

Reed is getting heat from both sides, doesn't matter if you are Republican or a Democrat.
In less than six months, Reed has gone from smartest guy in the room to pitiful punching bag. Never has a major candidate fallen victim to so much piling on. On his way to victim status, he has become a great but unwilling unifier. Left-wing lunatics have joined forces with right-wing nuts to make certain Reed’s political career doesn’t take wing. Democrats have grabbed Republican ballots just to vote against Reed. Reed may be the first Georgia candidate ever to stand accused of covering up prostitution on Saipan. To hear his foes tell it, that is among the least of RR’s many sins.
So there you go. Go check it out for yourself. 
You comment that Ralph Reed is a politician first. What is interesting is how Mr. Reed would probably agree with you. He follows in a long line of individuals who mix their political activity with religious overtones both overt and covert. At times I have agreed with this mix and other times I have not. I would be interested in your comments about those with whom you have agreed who used their religion to influence their political activities. Examples for me are Ghandi, King, and Tutu.
Damn, that's good news.

The blogger is far too kind. Ralph Reed is a con man, he hides behind religion just like Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and the rest of the Un-Christian Right.

These Bible-Waving goons are in it for the money, that's always the bottom line with the Jesus-Pimps

And remember, newscoma. As good a person and Christian as I feel you are, it, in fact, is your's to judge your "brother". Especially when he's using Christ's name for filthy lucre. It's the outside world we're not supposed to judge.

As a Christians it is our duty to fight those that have infiltrated the Christian religion with a political agenda in mind. They desire only to force their twisted views on the rest of us and scare the faithful out of their money.

As for Ghandi, King, and Tutu....LOL!
The difference between them and Reed is that they were honest men that were true to their beliefs. Reed and his ilk are just liars. Big difference.
Wasn't Marsha Blackburn takeing Abramoff money?
I don't know Mickey.
What do you know?
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