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Thursday, July 20, 2006
  Pummelling Of Little Old Me One of my employees talked to one of our elected officials yesterday. He is the lame duck and headed out of office. She reported to me, very nervous that I would be upset, that he wished he had a punching bag in his office. He apparently laughed and said, "Yes, and I wished that punching bag was (fill in real name here) newscoma." I heard this from one of my writers who has never lied to me. Did I tell you I wrote a grant for my county for domestic violence and abused children a few years back for the very county he is elected in? He served on the board that ran the program. The grant didn't include political violence, so I guess that's different and makes it all right to threaten light heartedly (make your own conclusions) to pummel me. Did I tell you he was a Democrat? If you are wondering, threatening someone at a newspaper means you want free press. He ain't getting it. I have never had any inclination to go on Jerry Springer and I'm not taking the bait. The Election is in two weeks, and he's running a write in campaign. Sheesh. It actually is amusing and very creepy at the same time. 
Newscoma, just a tad bit of advice for you, "Beware of men in chicken suits wearing boxing gloves."
This political thing is getting a little crazy.
Maybe it's the heat.
I know Tai Chi..
Now I realize that it's usually for relaxation, for stress reduction and some say, even enlightenment, but was a form of marshal arts and I say it might bring some 'relaxation, stress reduction and enlightment' for me you and him. I'll just go a bit faster than usual. Give me an address. He'll never see it coming from a cute sweet little gal like me. Nobody threatens my newscoma.
chicken suit = cock? tee hee
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