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Friday, July 28, 2006
  I love Sandegaye!! Sandegaye. You are the hip. You are the cool. Why aren't you the most famous person on earth? 
thanks for point me to the 'sage'..good stuff. great cartoon on the stem cell deal
Sandegaye posted on her site:
Also reading about Exxon's HUGE 2nd quarter earnings.. mostly tax-free.. & they haven't paid a dime towards the Valdez reparations as yet

However, according to the website esbablished by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council (Note that this is an Alaska state run website, not an Exxon or big oil controlled site) well over 900M in reparations and civil damage settlements have been paid. How is it that such a Sandegaye arrives at the conclusion that Exxon hasn't paid a single dime? Why would a sage relay such inaccurate information without checking her facts? A sage is supposed to be characterized by wisdom, prudence and good judgement. 900M+ sure is a lot more than not a dime. What's the point of propagating inaccurate information? Such things undermine the credibility of the messenger. Check it out for yourself:
Barbie, Why don't you put this information on your blog? This seems to be a topic you have a lot of interest in. It is okay for people to have different perceptions.
I like her blog. I will continue to go to it.
Coma, what about the truth of the matter? As a journalist, aren't you interested? Don't you care?
I have read plenty of links on this and interviewed folks regarding this. Thanks for your feedback Barbie on my career at working at a newspaper as you worked at one as well.
However, we are not always going to agree.
Looking forward to your next post on your blog.
Great sidestep Coma. And don't worry, I can take a hint. 10-4, over and out.
Your welcome at any time, Barbie.
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