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Sunday, July 30, 2006
  I Despise Spiders, Rodent Queen Doesn't Care Anyone who knows me knows I'm terrified of spiders. Rodent Queen took this picture last night outside of the Commune. This spider was in my realm and I no longer feel like the master of my domain. Now do you see why she won a first-place TPA award last week. She took the photo with a D70 Nikon. On a personal note, her showing me these things have given me a serious case of the wiggums. Go check out her photos, although I'm including one of them here. She's a meanie.:) 
I too am petrified of spiders. Because my family and friends are warped, my Mom would hide plastic spiders around the house when I was growing up to scew with me. Plastic spiders on the light switches that I wouldn't see until the last minute; realistic stickers of grass-spiders on the porcelain rim of the toilet so I would see them upon raising the seat; unmarked packages mailed to me from Miami containing hairy, toy spiders.

I think it is clear now why I am so well-adjusted.

Oh, oh, oh....
The preying mantis is what scares the living daylights out of me.
Had one land on me yesterday when I was out picking corn in the garden and even though it was just a baby....yikes(!)....still had nightmares.
Spiders just seem easier to squash than ginormous foot long mutant grasshopper-looking things that bite off heads. *Shiver*
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