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Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Harper's Reporting Troops In Lebanon? Harper's is reporting some tense news this morning:

There's much discussion of putting a multinational, NATO-led force in southern Lebanon as part of a ceasefire agreement in the Israel–Lebanon conflict, but Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to a story in the Washington Post, has said that she does “not think that it is anticipated that U.S. ground forces . . . are expected for that force.” However, a well-connected former CIA officer has told me that the Bush Administration is in fact considering exactly such a deployment.

The officer, who had broad experience in the Middle East while at the CIA, noted that NATO and European countries, including England, have made clear that they are either unwilling or extremely reluctant to participate in an international force. Given other nations' lack of commitment, any “robust” force—between 10,000 and 30,000 troops, according to estimates being discussed in the media—would by definition require major U.S. participation.
You can go here and read the rest of it. 
Israel has said they wanted UN troops in there from the get-go.

Of course, I think this will be a good test for THE REST of the UN. They now have a chance to send some troops and spill some of their own blood slowing down terrorism. I'd be curious to see what their resolve looks like if/when the terrorists start hitting them.

Hmmmm . . . wonder how many troops Koffi's country will send?
Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.
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