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Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Coulter Losing Newspaper Real Estate Okay. I was down in the dumps for a couple of days. Being that I'm pretty career-oriented you can imagine the reason why people get the blues. I appreciate everyone being so nice. Now on to better news: Ann Coulter has been dumped again from another newspaper.
Following on the heels of daily papers in Augusta, Ga., and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a weekly in Greensboro, N.C., has decided to drop Ann Coulter's regular column, distributed by Universal. "Yes! Weekly", which has carried the conservative firebrand since last August, announced the move after polling its readers, among other considerations. She will be replaced by another conservative, William F. Buckley. This follows the pattern at the other papers that had dropped Coulter, where she was replaced by conservatives Michelle Malkin in one case, David Limbaugh in the other. A fourth paper, the Shreveport (La.) Times, has said it is strongly considering dropping Coulter.
It used to be Ann's world we lived in. Now, not so much.
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