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Saturday, May 20, 2006
  New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Keeps His Job MSNBC is reporting that Mayor Ray Nagin is the winner in the New Orleans' runoff mayor's race.
NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Ray Nagin, whose shoot-from-the-hip style was both praised and scorned after Hurricane Katrina, narrowly won re-election over Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu on Saturday in the race to oversee one of the biggest rebuilding projects in U.S. history.

With 93 percent of the vote counted, Nagin had 53 percent, or 56,068 votes, to Landrieu's 47 percent, or 49,884 votes.

I'll expound on this later, but I feel this is very significant on a long term scale. Let's go back a few months and remember he called the federal government out on its Hurricane Katrina response. 
I am genuinely pleased by Nagin's win. Not that I think he's blameless in the whole Katrina mess, but he had the balls to speak up about the total lack of support from the federal government, and, frankly, I like any candidate brave or crazy enough to use the phrase "chocolate city."
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