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Friday, April 07, 2006
  The Storms My friend in Antioch sent me this e-mail this afternoon. I was in Henry County and although we saw some crappy weather, we weren't in Nashville which seemed to have the brunt of today's storm frenzy. She was very scared and I think that's evident in her writing. Her children are 16, 13, 9 and one year old. Granted, she is a little in love with the ellipses, but you can read how scared she was this afternoon.
Lots of storm damage here....we are OK.....the house is OK....two tornados hit ashland city....sam spent the afternoon in the AO Smith storm shelter....i was on my way to max at BA and dad called and said the siren was going off in franklin and told me not to take jack that direction....max called from someone's cell phone at BA.....they took all the students and faculty to the basement at BA
so i went to get mike and kate first.....i was picking up kids from all over town in the heart of the storm....picked up mike at MLK first....when the secretary called his name she said.... come now or your mom is leaving.....guess i had that kinda look on my face LOL....mike and i were driving over the cumberland river when quarter sized hail started coming down....people just stopped their cars in the lane we were driving in....i said....look out usually hails before a tornado hits.....mike said....i sure hope a tornado doesn't hit because we would end up in the cumberland river
we got to kk's school about 4.....all the kids had been in the hallway for two hours....facing the wall....with their heads down and their butts in the air.....kk said she had a headache......she goes to a magnet school off of brick church pike....the tornado hit goodlettesville really she was kinda close to where it hit...i bet those teachers were worried....the responsibility of all those kids in bad weather
we got home and they were predicting baseball sized home and all the windows were wide fun....what a mess.....sam stayed late at work.... he was waiting til all the weather moved through and all the traffic cleared out.....ashland city was hit by two tornados...the hospital was hit and they showed it on TV.....they were telling people to stay put and let the rescue crews get he left late
gallatin was hit hard.....the car dealership in gallatin was hit....they reported on the radio that there were cars blown all over the media has not gotten a crew into gallatin cannot drive in or out of gallatin....people were calling in on the radio asking how to get into gallatin....parents worried about their kids who were still in school
we saw lots of wrecks with the heavy rain and hail.....but we are all OK....more tornado warnings on TV right now.....kk, jack and i are in the basement....the boys are upstairs...invincible teens i guess......may have to yell at them to come downstairs if it gets any closer....guess i will sign off and see if it is hitting anywhere near us now.....sounds like it is in rutherford county....and that is close...guess i will shut down the computer and watch the nonstop weather on TV
TV just reported that the tornados today made the april 1998 tornado look like nothing....and it is still going on....
I also read about the Knucklehead's scary experience. Viva Lesley has these hail pictures. The Tornado Project is keeping tabs. Here is the weather for Northwest Tennessee for tonight and tomorrow:

Tonight: Thunderstorms likely - possibly severe, especially this evening. Storms could contain tornadoes. Low near 50F. WSW winds shifting to N at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Tomorrow: Showers likely along with a possible rumble of thunder in the morning, then partly cloudy late. Cooler. High 56F. Winds N at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%

You know, the weather is going to keep coming. It's the weather, for Pete's Sake.

The thing is, are we ready for it? I'm not so sure. While at the Kentucky Lake in Paris at the TPA conference, we all just sat watching the hail and rain come in like a monster, then it was over. We were lucky.

But not for the folks in Middle Tennessee and not for the folks who were there, trying to reach their family in Gallatin. For them, it was awful, and what do you do, except hope for the best.

It was horrible here. Not sure whenmy aunt will go back to work (She works at Vol State who took some severa damage). My brother and other family were much much too close and watched the twister touch down.
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