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Monday, April 03, 2006
  Storms A-Plenty Well, if you know anything about northwest Tennessee over the last 24 hours, I guess you figured out I've been a little busy. Weakley County, where I live, had a bit of damage but west and south was apparently hell on earth. The weird thing is that we had people coming into the newspaper with garbage from their yards from Caruthersville, Mo and Dyersburg, where it was hit the hardest. It was extremely bizarre to see envelopes and tickets brought by the wind nearly fifty miles away. I just got off of a week's vacation and walked back into the paper this morning and, of course, there was some issues. Like, I had no idea what was going into the paper, and BAM, big storm. Should have used my noggin, because last night had the dogs under the covers of my bed and was very scary. Today, we tried to figure it all out, and we aren't even close to done. Things keep coming to the surface. One of those moments, where I didn't have time to blog. 
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