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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
  Not Caring About The Couric You know what's weird. I really don't watch network news very much anymore so the fervor over Katie Couric moving to CBS is something I absolutely feel nothing about. I watch CNN and MSNBC most of the time anyway, and I listen to NPR. So farewell, Couric. You moving from one network to another doesn't impact me one iota because I really never watched you before, and I won't really watch you now. 
I'm a big NPR junkie.
And she gets on my last nerve. She can get real ugly and personal if she doesn't like what someone says - was pretty nasty to Michael Moore when he was saying the media was not doing their job (including NBC) and she said 'what are you spending all your money on, obviously not your clothes'...
Perky,, naw,, Pesky, irritating and what's up w/ her scrunched up face?
Okay, but how about that Meredith Viera? Huh? Huh?

It's goddamn musical chairs over there in network news these days.
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