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Thursday, April 27, 2006
  Life Will Go On The local elections are in five days. We've been dealing with this in mass proportion at the paper. Ads, politicians bitching because they aren't getting enough face time on the front page in color, letters we can't run because they are calling candidates adulterous crack-smokers worshiping the devil. It runs the gamut. Sara over at Mockingbirdisms is covering some of the races, as has Batesville USA. The thing is, in a rural environment in a county of less than 35,000, we know everyone running. We know every rumor, every time they served on the PTO, when they got married, when their mothers died. We know them. But not really. How can you know what people do in their homes after the doors are locked? But we know the public perceptions. Sara's father was an elected official. She's been on both sides of the table. We will sit and talk politics, current affairs, pop culture, whatever. Although she doesn't talk about it much, for some reason I think election years are quite wonderful and painful for her at the same time. Batesville ran for office at one time. I was asked to run for alderman a couple of times. Heh. That's funny. I've been covering local politics, or writing grants for local governmental bodies, for more years than I wish to remember. We have seen candidates act like buffoons. We have seen some local officials do things most courageous, and sometimes, certain silly antics that have made us laugh. Next Tuesday, we vote. Someone is going to go home happy. The other one is going to go home with a defeat in the check box. I'll still see them out at a restaurant or at the movies. Life will go on. 
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