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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
  Huh? Why does Chris Matthews tell Tom Delay he owes him? It's a question a lot of people in the blogosphere are asking. Matthews commentary is very telling. Read more here. Don't forget to watch the video of Delay and Matthews' show before the show. 
Who knows how many souls are in DeLay's twisted, nervous hands? The media let the man get away with so much during his tenure.

But I'm sure that Katie Couric will raise the bar for broadcast news. NOT! I've seen interns doing skits on E! that have more journalistic savvy than her.
I have to go throw up again.
You know, I just posted about not caring about Couric one bit. I'm rather bored with all of the hype. And I sort of liked Sheiffer because he sort of reminded me of Uncle Walter, my favorite anchor of all time.
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