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Saturday, April 08, 2006
  Congress Goes On Vacation ... Again I want these hours.
Congressional schedule-keepers had planned for a two-week sprint between vacations to produce weighty reforms on immigration, pensions and tax policy. But Friday, at the finish line, all of those measures were missing.
Washington is on holiday again. Right after having a vacation in honor of St. Patrick's Day, now they are getting 16 days for Easter. My kind of job. 
Congress didn't use to meet year-round, arguably did less mischief then. It's an election year; and they need to talk to the folks back home before they pass immigration legislation.
Valid Point, but I feel they left quite a bit undone.
for $145,000/year + an allowance, they ought to be doing more than they are. How many people can not show up for work and still get paid, even at minimum wage? They drag things out for hours and hours trying to get a quorum because nobody bothered to show up to debate the bills...they all need a severe pay cut.
This time it's probably a good thing. My gut tells me the immigration reform was going through faster than anyone understood . . . especially the voters.

And that bill could possibly affect generations of Americans.
Well, you are probably right on that Cobra about immigration, however, I think they may have had other things to work on.
Hell I don't even get Good Friday.
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