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Friday, March 31, 2006
  Weekly World News Needs Newscoma In my never ending quest to get hired by Weekly World News, I am posting a picture a week from my most, beloved magazine. I'm telling you, I could do great things there, and its in Florida. Just think of the campaigning I could do against Katherine Harris (aka Cruella Deville) I want the Sasquatch beat, or maybe the aliens one. 
Newscoma! I am drunk and you are brilliant. We should totally get married.
Yea! I'm feeling the love and drunk is good. I'm working on a good one now myself.
I'm not the marrying kind, but I do believe in long engagements.
Hooked on fonix worked for Bush, and someday us Texans will learn us to read 2.
Bringing the World into focus, one bigfoot headline at a time.
Don't forget to tell Batboy I said "Hi"kyvpi
ya know, I sold em a story once for 50 bucks back in 1987 - it was a true story about a guy in Newport TN who died after forcing his horse to have sex with him.

Yeah, the story pretty much wrote itself.

In retrospect, I should have written that an alien was killed having sex with a horse. Could have gotten a front page with that one.
I am in awe. A check from Weekly World News.
Damn, I'm jealous.
Is this your letter, newscoma? Are you Toadface?
I think the sex beat would be fun... I noticed they had a real good article about strip clubs that spray something in the air that entices poor little unsuspecting men. What fun research that would be!
I would love to be Toadface. What a great name. I'm really jealous that's not me.
Well, your right about the sex beat. I would, for the sake of science, offer myself up for research. This could be fun.
I'm still jealous of Joe making money off of WWN though. How did he get to be so cool?
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