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Friday, March 03, 2006
  Patriot Act Marches Toward Bush Signature Why aren't folks talking about this? I guess the White House, insider scandals and a plethora of other things just put the recent vote on the Patriot Act, where the U.S. Senate put it's stamp of approval and agreed to make 14 of the items permanent, just isn't that important? 
Things like "sneak and peak" warrants and other types of monitoring really bug me. And they mentioned drugs in the act, too, which means they could wrap up drug offenses as terrorism.

I'm REALLY afraid that this legislation is going to get abused by the law enforcement community. NOTHING AGAINST THEM. They will use whatever tool we give them. It's not their job to monitor our rights. It's their job to arrest and convict people. It's the nature of the best.
The worst thing about making any of those provisions perm. is that we have a presidential election in 2 years, and if we don't put a curb on some of these new powers that our gov. has assumed, we are going to be taken over by a lunatic. Wait. that's already happened.
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