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Monday, March 06, 2006
  The Oscars Every year my family and I watch the Oscars. We love going to the movies, although as time rears her ugly head and rising ticket prices attack our wallets, we haven't been able to go as much as we would like. We love this weekend, and even watched the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. Actually, they seem to have a bit more fun than the Oscar crowd anyway, which tends to be a bit pretentious. We have a tradition on Oscar night. We buy cheap champagne and sit down to watch the awards with bated breath. We make fun of the dresses (Go Larry McMurtry for wearing jeans.) We saw Jennifer Garner slip on stage, which she recovered from quite nicely and we loved seeing the guys from "Hustle and Flow's" exhuberance after winning best song. Last night was fun. Of course it was too long. It was absolutely excrutiatingly long, but that's okay, it comes with the territory. Although Jon Stewart is getting mixed-reviews, we enjoyed him immensely. It was almost like Hollywood didn't get him but we did, and I think that would be one of the most thankless jobs in television having to live up to Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and Billy Crystal. The thing is, you are going to take a butt whipping if you are hosting the Oscars. I think Stewart knew that going in, but some did like him, so I guess if he's batting .500 that's a good thing. Works in baseball. Of the movies I've seen (Brokeback Mountain is our choice for bargain night tomorrow night in Union City, so I haven't seen that one) I sort of like Terence Howard in Hustle and Flow. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is an excellent actor and proves that character actors are what really makes the movies. I also like that George Clooney won, because, he's George Clooney and we think he's fearless. Love him or hate him, he does what he thinks is best and he's got that Cary Grant thing going on, which I'm partial to. He survived a recurring role on "Facts of Life" and "Roseanne" so go figure. I have not seen Crash, although I would like to because I liked Traffic immensely and there is the connection there of the same writer did both movies. We figured Crash won because everyone in Hollywood was in it. (hee) Before cable and DVD, we would make treks to Nashville or Memphis and catch as many movies as we could. The dynamic is different now although the social revelance of movies like Midnight Cowboy, Easy Rider and All the President's Men can be seen as trailblazers to some of the movies that were nominated this year. (Don't get me wrong, I like all movies. I'm constantly going on about "Army of Darkness" and "Female Trouble." There is a time and a place for all of them. I even saw "The Aristocrats" this weekend, which I found to be extremely funny, although I wouldn't let my nine-year old niece see it.) So it's over. And it was frivolous, but in a good way. 
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