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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
  No Love For James Hart It's once again time for another chapter in cringe-worthy politicians. Yes, campers, strange, eugenics-based candidate James Hart who is running in the 8th Congressional District is back. I reported on this a couple of a months ago when he was campaigning in my yard in Dresden and one of my dogs tried to eat him. It was a proud moment for me. Although this could be considered unfortunate, I was proud of my dog. (Shout out to hound, Jura.) Anyway, the Tennessee GOP apparently is trying to get him off the ballot. "In 2004, the (party's state executive) committee denounced your candidacy and made it abundantly clear that your views are not consistent with the values of the Republican Party," the party's political director Randy Stamps wrote in a letter to Hart dated Feb. 22." I wish them luck. It still amazes me that we live in the 21st century and he actually received votes in his bid against John Tanner in District 8 in 2004. I think this is one time republicans and democrats agree. This guy is toxic. 
Unbelievable. Good dog!
Your doggies are cute . . . to be sure.
No worry, he won't be our nominee this time around.
Many years ago, back in the days of the Pogo comic strips, the mayor began considering the requirement that all political candidates meet a "sanity test", to which one of the characters replied just how much a fan he was of "sanity clause" and was positive "sanity clause" could get elected.
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