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Sunday, March 26, 2006
  Hart A Go-Go More Hart from the Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The Tennessee Republican Party is urging voters to reject the candidacy of a man who supports the racist, phony science of eugenics. The state GOP's executive committee passed a resolution Saturday that denied James Hart as a "bona fide" Republican and authorized Chairman Bob Davis to take steps to remove Hart from the Aug. 3 primary ballot as a Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District. "The executive committee passed a resolution finding that Mr. Hart's views are completely unacceptable to the Republican party, the party that supports equal opportunity for all and respect for all people," said Scott Carey, general counsel for the Tennessee Republican Party. Republican officials wrote Hart a letter in February advising him to either run as an independent or to anticipate a challenge from the party.
Read the rest of the article here. And away we gooooo. 
Is he really for this eugenics stuff? It is so dang hard to find truth in this information age.
Yeah, I've me him and this is more of his mission than winning a congressional seat. Last time he ran, he got a shitload of votes, which is more scary to me than anything else.
Go to his website at and see for yourself.
I just think its creepy.
Like I said . . . he's the symptom, not the disease. Not the REAL one, at least.
I know it seems strange to hear how many votes Hart received in 2004 but this begs an explaination.

As someone who resides in the district Hart ran and is running in, allow me to say that, to those of us who live here this is an extremely sober and vexing issue.

You hear many voices about this 'side show' but not many from this area. We've lived under the fear of knowing it was possible to wake up to find Hart representing our district.

The truth is that John Tanner has been our representative for 18 years now and most people say, "He got voted in and we haven't seen or heard from him SINCE." The people of this district are restless for change yet Tanner has been almost unopposed for all this time.

When Hart showed up on the ballot and was 'found out' late in the ballgame, responsible people sought to make folks aware of his leanings. MANY who were told of his beliefs were greatly relieved, saying, "I would've voted for ANYONE running against John Tanner! So, I'm glad to know the truth about this Hart guy."

In my estimation, and in the estimation of most of the populace of this district, most of the primary votes that he received were because not many knew of the situation or of the last minute write-in who was on the ballot. They were just ready for a change and glad to see a name on the Republican ticket. The district is largely VERY rural and many of us don't even get cable for tv or computer and just don't have all that much information at their disposal.

I've talked to many since who say that they were HORRIFIED to find that they voted for such a man and that they certainly would never have voted for him had they known his politics.

These same people have some strong feelings about the Republican Party's need to be sure that those who run on their ticket (as this is seen as being endorsed by the party) are filtered more carefully so that voters can better trust that a candidate who is allowed on the Republican ticket more closely represents the values of the Republican voters of this district.

The party has heard the complaints of MANY, MANY voters from District 8! AND District 8 feels deeply that Hart should've continued to run as an Independent (as he had for some time) instead of trying to hijack the party in order to gain a broader platform for sounding his ideas.

Most here feel somewhat wounded that there are those who do not even live among us yet who wish to give Hart a voice as a Republican candidate or as a candidate at all. The majority I hear talking about this issue are feeling pained that a candidate who does not even live in our district is seeming to encourage Hart's chances of again hijacking his way off the Independent ballot and onto the Republican ballot and flying into the faces of the voters in this area again.

Those who live here feel infintely more serious about Hart's 'perpetration' than any of those who are not from here could ever know.
I agree PoliticisChocolate.
I live in the midst of his district as well in Weakley County.
My hometown recieved national coverage when he ran last time because the St. Augustine newspaper did a feature on him campaigning, which included an uproar when one of the alderman agreed with him.
Needless to say, political career for that man is over.
Hart has hijacked the party, but I think he also spotlights Tennessee in a negative way.
The REAL test will be this year if Hart is on the ballot. People now know who he is. If he get's 20+% THIS YEAR, there had better be lots of soul-searching for everyone. If not, feh, we can all have a nice peace march down Main Street with good faith.

As for Tanner, crap, I'm a Republican for the most part, and I don't even blink at voting for Tanner. No issues there.
The funny thing is, John Farmer is openly supporting Mr Hart's candidacy. Now, I understand why he is doing this, however, he's committing slow political suicide in the process. I think if he would have handled it the same way as the Rory Bricco campaign (just ignore it), he would still have my vote and the vote of many of my friends. We were supporters of Mr Farmer up until this debacle. I think Rory Bricco handled it well by staying out of this matter. That is to be commended and I'm quite sure a lot of voters feel the same way that I do. This subject did not deserve the attention and I think NewsComa said it best: "Hart has hijacked the party, but I think he also spotlights Tennessee in a negative way".
Newscoma, you put it well when you said, "Hart has hijacked the party, but I think he also spotlights Tennessee in a negative way". I'm glad to know that you are a fellow 8th Districter! :)

In answer to Cobra351, Hart HAS been on the ballot for some time now, as an Independent, and no particular attention was paid to him. It was when he ran as REPUBLICAN that people voted for him. This is what idicates that there are many in this area who seem to want a representative who better reflects the values of the people of this district. As you say, if he's on the ballot this time, we'll know for sure.

BTW, Cobra...being as you are a Republican, can I ask why you don't have any issues voting for Tanner? Curious here. If you feel senstive about answering, that's ok. Just askin'.

RedNeckCharlie? You a fellow District 8-er, TOO? WOW! I'm not alone!
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